Whether it’s for the everyday hustle and bustle, a special event, job seekers/professionals, or simply to make a grand first impression, I can help you look and feel effortlessly fabulous. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t have the time or energy for trying on multiple outfits, yet we all want to look and feel our best everyday. As your stylist, I can teach you how to build a wardrobe specific to your needs, by using pieces you already own and adding only what is necessary. My services will help you understand how each garment has its own place in the wardrobe and that a “timeless” wardrobe is an investment and is built over time. You will learn how-to choose “key pieces” and how-to accessorize and coordinate using smaller trendier pieces. I will help you achieve the look you want and teach you how to get it by constructively explaining how to dress your body type according to your lifestyle and personal taste. My goal is to leave each client feeling  confident, attractive, and polished and to help you gain an edge in your personal and professional life. I am a firm believer that confidence is the ticket to success in all aspects of life, so set-up your appointment today and let’s do this!

General Services:

  • Closet Analysis and Organization – This service takes place in your home to assess your current wardrobe. We’ll chit-chat, discuss your wardrobe goals, and then sort through your closet and categorize your clothes into the “keepers”, “questionables”, and “donations.” From there we will make a list of fill-in pieces and/or accessories needed to complete your wardrobe.
  • Image Assessment – Improve image through changes in clothing and accessories based on your unique taste, preferences, and personality.
  • Color Analysis – Identify your optimum color palette. You will discover which colors to use and which colors to avoid and why.
  • Personal Shopping – Once your wardrobe needs and objectives have been identified, we can shop for these items together.
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