About AlterEgo


My name is Sabrina and I am a wardrobe stylist. Not only am I passionate about what I do, but I’m good at it. I believe that our taste in clothes, shoes, and style are as personal and unique as each of our individual personalities and that “style” is a creative extension of who and what we are. As your stylist, it is not only my job to help, but to also teach you how to coordinate and assemble outfits that are fitting, complimentary, and comfortable to your personal style, needs, and taste. I am not a trendy stylist and I don’t believe in dressing my clients in ensembles they are not comfortable wearing. No matter the event, it is healthy to always want to look and feel our best; it’s a total confidence booster!

I look forward to sharing and learning about all things “style” with you. In addition to providing my services through AlterEgoAura, I will also be posting articles about different ways to keep you looking and feeling fabulous… everything from healthy eating, to staying active and creative. I invite you to visit my blog on the regular. After all, looking your best is only half the battle, you must feel it too!


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