To Tree or Not to Tree??? That is the Question.

The holiday season has officially started and it’s about time to start thinking about the kind of tree we want to have in our home to celebrate the holidays. When I was a kid, choosing the Christmas tree was always a HUGE deal because it became a family ordeal! Everyone got in on the action, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, it was such a blast!

Sometimes we would all drive up to the mountains and cut our own tree (Chevy Chase style), other times we would go to the tree lot, and sometimes we were just surprised with a tree placed next to the fireplace waiting to be decorated. Either way, some of my most cherished family memories revolve around the beautifully decorated and aromatic trees.  One of my favorite Christmas tree memories is when my dad came home a few days before Christmas with the most sad and pathetic excuse for a Christmas tree. Yes, our dad brought home a Noble Fir tree that was in the early stages of death. It stood no taller than 5’, and had huge gaps between the almost bare branches!! With each ornament hung, the tree needles continued to fall and the weak and frail branches seemed as though they might snap! Regardless, we did our best to spiff it up, and during that time we bonded with the tree and came to love it. We ended up naming it the “Charlie Brown” tree, just like the tree from the Peanuts cartoon, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” I love that memory and just reminiscing about it makes me smile.

Naturally we have already decided on a Noble Fir for this year’s holiday, but I wanted to share some other cool “Tree Alternatives” you can try! Here are awesome ideas if you’re low on funds or just want to try something different. A few years ago we used a tall Poinsettia shrub and simply did it up in white lights and a dainty star. We placed the shrub on a small table to give it a bit more height and used our tree skirt to cover the planter and the table. All the gifts were placed around the plant and table and it worked out fabulously. Another is a tree made up of strung lights hung on the wall in the shape of tree. All you need is a string or 2 of lights (or as many as you want to use) and any tree pattern of your choice, then zigzag the lights back and forth horizontally. Make sure you plan to create your tree near an outlet so you can light your tree. We also decorate most of our indoor plants and trees with lights for a bit more ambiance and holiday flair. The truth is that it doesn’t really matter what type of tree you choose or how you decorate, it’s the gathering of friends and family, the strengthening of bonds, and the ever lasting memories you will create during this time.

What’s Your “Dig” on the Trees of Christmas??? Do you relish the fir, pine, spruce, artificial tree or the alternative to the tree? Feel free to spread the holiday cheer and share your favorite type of tree and/or tree story.



2 thoughts on “To Tree or Not to Tree??? That is the Question.

  1. A couple years ago we started a family tradition with an alternative tree. Besides our live tree, we put up a “wall tree” of family photos. It was quick and simple to do an looks great! We bought the 99 cent wooden picture flat ornaments at Michaels. We painted them, added all of our family photos in them and then formed them on our wall in the shape of a christmas tree! It looks great, and guests always love to see all the family pics!

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