Hangover 4-1-1

Hangovers are the worst! First of all it is self-inflicted misery and secondly, they seem to worsen as we get older, which makes it harder to shake. YUCK!! Buddha knows I’ve enjoyed life and have had more than my fair share of hangovers… Needless to say I have experienced many ways to treat a hangover so I […]

Marching to the Beat of Your Holiday Blues…

Tis’ the Season for the holiday blues…  WhaWhaWha! Yes, the holidays can be bitter-sweet for those of us who have lost a dear person or even a pet. As a survivor by many beloved (including pets) I can vouch that time does heal wounds, but it doesn’t change how we love or miss our most cherished. The […]

How to be an Undergarment Gangster!

Like most things in life, a strong foundation is required before layering or building upon, so why should your undergarments be any different? When I say undergarments, I am referring to shapers, bras, panties, and anything worn beneath your clothes that would be considered “underwear.” Often times, undergarments aren’t given much thought, simply because they aren’t […]

My Thoughts to the Mass Murder…

What has our society come to?? I am sickened with sadness after learning about the shooting that happened at the elementary school in CT, just days after the mass shooting in Portland, OR.. The elementary school is for grades kindergarten through 4th. The news reports that there are at least 27 dead and most of them are children. […]

Spice Up Your Recipe Book With A Tasty Recipe For Vegetarian Mexican Rice!!

So Mexican Rice is a staple dish in our house! I use it to accompany everything from Mexican Food to burgers, to vegetables, etc… The rice is hearty and flavorful and is a very complimentary side dish.  I’ve decided to share my recipe for Mexican Rice, well because… let’s just say, it can be a […]

Look Hot With What You Got

Heat up the scene this winter season, by sporting a sizzling new look, without spending a dime! Now that  the weather has cooled down, it is the perfect season to really utilize what you already have in your closet. Get creative and update the style/look of your favorite “old faithfuls!!” Whether it is a dress, suit, top, […]

Remain Sane and Be Good for Goodness Sake!!

  Just when you think your plate is full, the holidays arrive and dump more to your already “piled on” plate!! WHAT??? Yep, that’s usually how it goes down for me… Next thing you know I’ve bit off more than I can chew and I’m drowning in stress. Well nope, uhuh, not this year… I […]